So Lame…

I am so lame with this blogging thing.  my intention was to post sketches and thoughts from my everyday life.  Well, I havn’t been sketching much and my thoughts have been…well, let’s just say I probably havn’t been thinking too much either.

I should be blogging on the progress of the VW Baja build…then I would have lots of things to say.  Including some choice cuss words that may not make it out of my mouth but are screaming inside of my head.  I think I’ll do that tonight.  Yea…I’m gonna do that.

In the interim, here is a sketch of a friend of mine at work.  I tend to do things like this during long boring meetings.  This was done a long time ago but I’m hoping it will spurn me on to do and post some more.

Morning Meeting Malady

So, I actually did a sketch today too.  I don’t know why I drew this.  It just kind of came out.  But, since I actually did something today, I’m posting it.  I’ll just make up a story and say that he’s a Swedish convict wrongly accused of dealing weapons.  He’s on the run from both the law and the cartel that wants the weapons.  He’s not very happy.



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