Time to Paint Part 1

I’ve been trying to motivate myself to paint a ‘real’ painting.  You know, something in oil, on canvas, using mediums and sable brushes.  That kind of ‘real’.  Most of what I do on a daily basis is digital and is actually nothing more than 1’s and 0’s floating out there in the cloud.


A couple years ago my uncle told me about his first motorcycle that he purchased at the age of 16. It was a 1938  Harley Police edition with bald tires and a drinking problem…an oil drinking problem  It was something like this:


His purchase took place right at the close of WWII and new vehicles weren’t readily available due to the military manufacturing efforts.  The story my uncle told me was quite remarkable and  instantly brought a Norman Rockwell-like image to mind.  Rockwell was a master visual storyteller.  I guess that’s when the ‘paint something real’ bug bit me.84f0c615

So, in an effort to transfer the image in my head to something  tangible, I went down to the local art supply store to buy a large format stretched canvas (48″ x 28″).  I was shocked to discover that buying a stretched canvas at the size I wanted was going to cost around $100 bucks!  Call me cheap or a glutton for punishment, but I opted to buy some wood strips and an 18′ roll of pre-primed canvas (enough for 6 stretched canvases)  for a grand total of $70 bucks and set to work making my own.


I made my frame, stretched the canvas and applied another coat of gesso.  It took the better part of a day but now it’s ready for pigment.


I have to admit, there is something pretty intimidating about a giant pure white canvas.

Big White Empty Canvas

I’m hoping to chronicle the process of making this painting.  More on the story, the concept, and the design coming soon.


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