Daily Doodle #7

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To be honest, I did this awhile back and just messed with it a little more this evening so that I could post something.  Samsung smartphone sketch.

Daily Doodle #6

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Polycarp. Barely got this done in time. Sketched on my smartphone.

Daily Doodle #5

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Quickie Samsung Note 4 sketch.


Daily Doodle #4

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So, here is another POUR person.  No clue as to why this kind of stuff bubbles up.  I spent a little more time futzing with it.  I wonder if people would use funny looking teapots?  Who knows.


Daily Doodle #3

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Pour Person #2

I thought I would get right on today’s doodle.  I have to draw realistic stuff all day as part of my job.  It’s fun to just let your mind (and hand) go.

Doodle a Day #2

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Strange things happen when you doodle in bed on your smartphone. At least I met my doodle quota. 🙂


Pour Person

Doodle a Day #1

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Another attempt at posting one drawing a day.  Whether on a napkin, scrap paper, notebook, smartphone, or computer.  One a day even if it sucks. 

Today’s doodle I call Russ:


Complements of my Samsung Note 4 and Autodesk Sketchbook.

The Tipping Point

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Blissful slumber, blissful sleep, steady tumble into the deep.

Tipping Point

Daily Sketch – Arrogance

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With our noses high, we touch the sky.  We feel so tall, before we fall.


Animated Church?

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I belong to a pretty awesome church.  We have small group of people that meet at an older warehouse complex.  Our facilities aren’t the greatest and our location is probably a little less than ideal.  Our style is very casual and our mantra is “Thinking Faith” and “Authentic Community”

I recently was able to create a video using Illustrator and After Effects that is designed to help people know what to expect if the decide to attend:

It was a hoot to make.  Most of the characters are based on real people.  My only regret is that I couldn’t have created a character for everyone that calls The Gathering their home.